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for health and therapy with our external partner

Our motto:

Healthiness on vacation.

Your healthiness is important to us. Because in addition to relaxion and holidays, this beautiful spot also offers the opportunity to take time for one's own health. For example, have you been suffering from migraine headaches and hay fever for some time? Our partner Peter Lutz, non-medical practitioner and pain specialist will be happy to help you. Since 1999 his practice is located in our hotel. Mr Lutz is treating patients from all quarters and from abroad with great success.

Take your time for a migraine therapy - because where else can a therapy be more effective than in an environment with fresh mountain air? So you'll stay pain - and symptom free for a long time - even after your vacation!


Our special offers for your healthiness
  • pain management
  • acute and chronic dorsal pain
  • pain in general
  • migraine therapy
  • hay fever therapy
  • revitalization (ozone therapy and highly dosed vitamin C infusion a 7,5g)
  • aesthetics (Foldlining with hyaluronic acid)
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Medical Wellness and pain therapy at the Riessersee Hotel Resort
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