Best prospects

to take a deep breath.

Wellness Riessersee style

Just different.

Wellness means at the Riessersee Hotel a sense of well-being. The calm you feel inside when you open your hotels room window in the morning and hear only the birds´ twittering, taking a deep breath in the clear air and see the Bavarian mountains in front of you. 

It also means to relax in the sauna, steam bath or indoor pool after a sporty outdoor day in the Bavarian nature, maybe hiking, skiing or cycling - or just swim in the deep green water of lake Riessersee. 

Well-being is even the absence of pain. Free yourself from aches with a treatment by Peter Lutz, the natural healer at the Riessersee spa area. Take the well-being feeling home - for example in remembering a fantastic herbal walking tour with our herb fairy Juta Bartl. 

Choose your well-being favourit:
  • open the door and start hiking
  • candlelight dinner with panorama view 
  • having a herbal tea during breakfast in the garden
  • pure nature around the resort
  • watching the sun down at the lake
  • joining the natural healer at the hotel
  • try Gesundheitseck Garmisch-Partenkirchen  
  • taking part in the racer weeks
  • rent a pedelec
  • read a book next to the fireside place
  • swim in the lake
  • relax at the wood cabin sauna

Bavarian life style

The Riessersee Hotel Garmisch-Partenkirchen is not a usual wellness hotel. You will a little well-being are on site, everything you need after a sporty outdoor day in the Bavarian mountains: steam bath, sauna, indoor pool and relaxation area. But we think, you might need a little more: 

The Bavarian warmth is legendary and that is what we want you to feel. There is an old Bavarian quote saying "live and let live". So live your holiday life like you want it to have, the way it feels good for you. Sporty with cycling or hiking, curious by testing e-mobility, relaxed during a cosy dinner, delightful while joining the breakfast buffet or dreamy while sleeping in a deck chair on the lake terrace. 

The nature and mountains of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria are the perfect frame for your well-being during all seasons. The first flowers in spring while the ice on the lake is crackling, spectacular sun downs in the summer, most colourful forests in autumn or the first snow - everyday we are surprised by nature with new, exciting or just wonderful pictures. 

Best prospects to moutain wellness. 

If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit.