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for cosmetics and massage with our external partner

Massage & cosmetik by Maria Galland

Relax and calm down!
Enjoy a relaxing facial, a massage or a full body treatment with our external partner Martina Ondakova. She is a licensed beautician and make-up artist and handles also all types of massage.

In 2006 she gratuated as a medical pedicurist at the Schöner Cosmetic School in Munich. Since 2008 Martina works as a self-employed beautician and masseuse. For several years, her salon has been using the high quality cosmetics of Maria Galland. To ensure your skin is not only beautiful and healthy externally, but also internally, Martina is currently completing a further education as a nutritionist.

Make your appointment and phone 0160 / 933 270 06 or 08821 / 9087646. Or send an email to

Beauty highlights

Beauty treatments at Riessersee Hotel
Eyelash lifting

Eyelash lifting is like a perm for your eyelashes. It works with your own eyelashes. Out comes more volume, long and curved eyelashes. And the best thing about it: you won't need mascara for a few weeks.

The procedure takes about 90 minutes.

Beauty treatments at Riessersee Hotel
Eyebrow lamination

The lamination treats bulky and distant hair, coats gaps and gets you eyebrows in a beautiful shape. Your eyebrows will be maintained at the same time and growth is stimulated. For a radiant expression!

The lamination takes about 30 minutes.

New: Hair removal by super fast laser

Do you want to get rid of any hair in unpleasant places permanently? Then get your hair effectively and completely painlessly removed with the currently fastest laser.

Make you appointment now.

Beauty and massages at Riessersee Hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Feet - and leg massage for hikers

You had an extensive hike in the Alps and now you want to treat yourself?

Then book your feet - and leg massage followed by a footbath.

60 minutes for 60 euro.

Beauty lounge at Riessersee Hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Special in summer

Let yourself be indulged by our beautician Martina Ondakova - get your treatment now:

New energy for your skin.


30 minutes for 30 euro.