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"Lucky staff means lucky guests." That is part of our philosophy. Chamber maids, technicians, front office workers, waiters and cooks - they all will welcome you for a pleasant stay with the Riessersee family. We are all not only employees, everyone has its own favors to make holidays at the Riessersee Hotel more special: There is a herb fairy, a cake baker, a hiking guide, a racer, a wedding planner - all talents in our team. Learn more about us!

Dörte Mäder

Executive Director

Tel.: +49(0)8821-758-0

Rico Haferkorn

Management Team

Tel.: +49(0)8821-758-121

Louis März

Management Team

Tel.: +49(0)8821-758-101

Martina Sand

Management Team

Tel.: +49(0)8821-758-107

Buchhaltung Andrea Höferle Riessersee Hotel
Andrea Höferle

Chief accountant

Tel.: +49(0)8821-758-190

Monika Antasova

Head Housekeeper

Tel.: +49(0)8821-758-359

Annika Naumann

Front Office Manager

Tel.: +49(0)8821-758 104

Steffi Wörndle

F & B Coordinator

Tel.: +49(0)8821-758-141

Nina Fischer

Event department assistance

Tel.: +49(0)8821-758-102

Alicia Dahlhäuser

Event department assistance

Tel.: +49(0)8821-758-105

Tibor Wirrer

Executive Chef Seehaus




External partner

Peter Lutz

Natural healer


Beautician Martina Ondakova at the Riessersee Hotel
Martina Ondakova

Licensed beautician & masseur

Tel.: +49(0)160 / 933 270 06